Learn to fly

Flight Instruction

Soar Truckee provides certified flight instruction, tow-planes, and a complete soaring educational curriculum. We use flight training manuals from An introductory lesson will allow you a real, "hands-on" flying experience, and will give you the opportunity to ask your instructor any questions you may have about the sport.

Introductory Lessons

We also offer introductory lessons (for 1 passenger only) where you get a chance to fly the aircraft hands-on. You will fly with a Certified Flight Instructor and can log the flight time toward a glider rating. Intro Lessons: we're currently working on our introductory lessons. Please watch this  space.

For the Beginner

You can fly by yourself, "solo", as young as 14 years of age, but you can begin training as young as 12. No physical exam is required, but you must have no medical problems that would prevent safe glider operation. Typically, 30 to 50 glider flights, and some ground instruction are required to solo. We find if lessons are less frequent than once a week, the number of lessons required tends to increase, but many people solo in one to two months.*