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Soaring Community

Rules and Procedures

In conjunction with the Truckee airport and the tower, rules and procedures have been establish and, by agreement in our lease, must be adhered to. At the beginning of each season, every pilot flying out of TTSA must read (re-read) the SOP's and LOA (letter of agreement) with the tower, fill out and sign a (new) pilot information form, and sign a waiver stating that you have read and will abide by the SOP's and LOA and hold TTSA harmless. Current versions of the SOP's and LOA can be found here.

Rates - Tows, Retrieves, Instruction

Current pricing for aero tows, aero retrieves, flight instruction, oxygen and tie-downs can be found here.

Cross Country Strategy

Truckee is a wonderful place to fly from in a glider. Because of its position in a small, narrow valley, pilots on cross country flights enjoy an early start and a variety of choices of where to go - north, south or east. Even on a very good day, however, getting back into the valley can be a challenge. Learn what experience has taught the many pilots who have flown out of (and back to) Truckee here.


Soar Truckee is not just a wonderful place to fly from in a glider, it has also been a wonderful place to bring family and friends, socialize, "hanger fly" at the end of soaring day and campout.


Unfortunately we are no longer allowed to use the campground or any part of the airport for overnight stay or parking.This includes travel trailers,RV's,camper vans, trucks, cars or tents.

This is an inconvenience over which we have no control and we recognize that it represents a dramatic shift in the way pilots, family and friends have been used using our operation over the last decades.

We have researched  alternative camping and "parking" sites in the Truckee area and put together a list for your reference. You can access it here.


The most convenient is Alpine Meadows Campground, Martis Creek Lake, just across the street from the gliderport. Weekends tend to get booked well in advance so we booked as many as we could and can use these reservations for pilots on a first-come first served basis. A list of the dates of these reservations can be found here.  Call the TTSA office to check on availability and book a stay at one of these pre-reserved campsites.

"Soaring is a communal sport. It must be, for it takes a village to rig, move, launch, tow, and retrieve a glider. Seldom will you get a crew together to launch just one or two gliders. Either the fleet flies together, or nobody flies at all. Soaring clubs are the rule. Good-natured competition is the norm, and a great deal of socializing takes place before, during, and after weekend gaggles." - Sam Weigel, Flying Magazine, "Soaring Comes Close To Being One With The Sky",  July 6, 2022






Memorial Rock

A large rock was repositioned to a space near the TTSA office in 2014. Originally there were 25 names on the rock. These names are of pilots who, over many years, flew their gliders out of Soar Truckee and TTSA, towed gliders here, worked and volunteered here and generally support Soar Truckee and TTSA. A description of the dedication ceremony and a list of the names currently on the rock here.

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Board of Directors

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